Our Story

Our Story 


Working alongside my husband Rupert, as a fashion agent, we spent our time on the road travelling through some of Europes most diverse destinations. Inspired by the dynamic movement of design and fashion we began to lovingly create our brand Lorna Ruby, a space where lifestyle beliefs and personal style can co-exist. 

Almost 5 years later our company continues to evolve and grow, with the support of customers who value both our directional and timeless collection and our dedication to bringing you both established and cutting edge brands. 

We travel all over Europe and Scandinavia, London, Copenhagen and Paris, in order to source pieces you will love now and for a long time to come. Our curational buying brings together pieces of the finest quality and design with emphasis on sustainability, style and above all effortless wearability.

We have carefully curated our fashion and lifestyle concept store, unique in its brand identity, its culture and its level of service, as a space to find the best selection of goods.


Lorna Ruby x